The Apollo Team



Matt Fitch & C.S. Baker are a writing duo based in London, England. Their love of all things sequential led to them becoming co-founders of indie publisher Dead Canary Comics, where they published their first Graphic Novel together, the horror western Reddin. After four years of honing their craft and gaining valuable experience in publishing, Apollo is their first collaboration with a mainstream publisher.



Mike Collins is an English comic book artist who has worked for Marvel on comics including Spider-Man and X-Men; for DC Comics on flagship titles such as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman; and for the UK’s celebrated weekly comic 2000AD on Judge Dredd, Sláine and Rogue Trooper, among others. Aside from his commercial comics work, Collins is a regular storyboard artist on the BBC’s Doctor Who television series.

The NASA missions of the 60s are hardwired into Mike’s life. Not only was he born the same day Alan Shepherd made his first Sub-Orbital flight, but he also shares a name with the Command Module Pilot of the Apollo 11 mission!



SelfMadeHero is an independent publishing house committed to producing ground-breaking work in the graphic novel medium. They commission independently minded, commercially successful work while championing the very best graphic novels in translation. They are extremely proud of their high editorial and production values and are known for successfully promoting authors through innovative press and marketing campaigns.

Apollo will be treated as a major publication by SelfMadeHero, who will devise and manage a high-profile press and marketing campaign to promote it.