Buzz’s demons

Buzz Aldrin was and is a complex man. In Apollo we hope to explore some of this inspirational man’s more introspective moments.

This wonderfully simple panel by Mike depicts Buzz contemplating both his past and his future as he prepares to land on the moon, and seemed a fitting post for New Year’s eve as people all around the world look back and forwards at their own lives.



It’s been a very long time since we posted on the blog, mainly because we’ve been busy turning all that research into ART (by ‘we’, we mean Mike, along with colourist Kris Carter and Letterer Ian Sharman).

We don’t want to spoil too much, but we’ll be giving you sneak peeks at a couple of non-spoilery pages over the next few days. To kick off, here’s a splash page from a scene revolving around the ill-fated crew of Apollo 1. Without the sacrifice of Gus Grissolm, Ed White and Roger Chaffee, Neil, Buzz and Mike would never have made it to the moon.