Sample Page #1

As part of our application to the Arts Council we needed to show them some art. There were a few scenes that we already knew we wanted to include in the book, so we wrote them gave them to Mike to illustrate. The pages were then coloured by our friend Greg Menzie, a talented colourist and artist in his own right.

Below is a page from a scene in which Buzz Aldrin discusses the upcoming mission with fellow NASA astronaut Al Bean:


And here’s a PDF of the script that Mike was working from when he drew this:


The page above may or may not make it to the final book – we’ll no doubt rewrite (or at least tinker with) the scene, and Mike is still exploring various styles and perfecting the likenesses of the characters.

We’ll be uploading more sample pages in the coming days while we busy ourselves with the task of writing some actual pages!

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